Monday, January 23, 2012

Who's responsible for bed bug documentation

It is no doubt we live in a litigious society. When a guest stays at a hotel and gets eaten up by bed bugs, "Sue" is turning into the first thought they have. If not "Sue" then it is money (such as reimbursement, free future stays, etc...).

My question is; when the hotels payout for these situations or get sued and hauled to court do they, or will they, turn it onto the pest control company stating they are not doing a good enough job? Maybe they won't blame the pest control company, buy will definitely turn to them for assistance with documentation showing they are being compliant, and do have a pest control program in place, and more so today, also have a bed bug action plan in place.

If you are a pest control company, does it make you more focused on documentation so you can be prepared for this?

I would love to hear from some professionals who have encountered this situation! Any feedback or comments would be great.

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