Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bed Bugs in your Apartment? You must know these tips...!

Apartments are seeing growing problems with bed bugs and are becoming more knowledgeable on how to deal with them. Many apartments are being very fair with tenants in dealing with them, but as a tenant there are certain things you must know so you are treated fairly.

Questions you should ask your apartment manager:

  • Has this unit ever had a bed bug infestation before?
    • if so, when was the last incident? 
    • was it the only incident?
    • were the adjoining units inspected/treated?
    • can I see copies of the inspection/treatment records?
      • if not, why?
  • Have any other units adjacent to mine in this building been affected by bed bugs?
    • same sub-questions as above
  • What is your standard protocol in dealing with bed bug infestations?
    • how long has this protocol been in place?
    • who and how was this protocol made?
  • What is the success rate of your bed bug treatments?
    • re-infest rates?
  • What type of treatments will you do?
    • Heat?
    • Liquid
      • both?
  • What type of warranty do you offer?
    • (make sure it is at least 30 days, and any bugs found within 30 days you get free treatments until you can go 30 days without seeing any activity..., even if it takes months)
Documents you need from your apartment manager:
  • When you first move into an apartment, make sure you get a detailed "pest control records" report on the unit you are renting. These records should show past infestations (if any) and show the 2 main pest problems you should be concerned about; Bed Bugs, and German Roaches.
  • If your apartment manager is not willing to show you the historical pest records for the unit you are renting you should be concerned as to WHY!
  • If you do experience a bed bug issue and the apartment management wants to treat your unit you need the following from them:
    • Inspection records from your unit and make sure all adjoining units are inspected (especially if you are responsible for paying for treatment) and you want a copy of the inspection reports. 
    • If bed bugs are found in adjoining units, you need ongoing inspection and treatment records along with the ones for your unit.
*Bed bugs are typically brought in by a tenant, but can come from adjoining units. If they come from an adjoining unit, it will do no good to treat only YOUR unit! Make sure you are very firm on adjoining units getting inspected at a minimum, and treated if needed. 

You NEED documentation for everything. Be educated, be firm, and you will take care of any bed bug issue you may have. They are not difficult to get rid of as long as you understand what needs to be done.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have a specific question or if you are experiencing a bed bug problem where you live. I will be happy to help!

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Monday, May 21, 2012

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