Thursday, February 2, 2012

Do I have bed bugs??

I recently received a book from one of the authors of "Bed Bug Beware- An easy to understand guide to bed bugs, their prevention and control." This is a great book and is a must read if you are in the pest control industry and battling bed bugs. For the non-pest control people out there who are wanting more information it also talks about common bed bug myths, and has a great FAQs section, along with good clear pictures of bed bugs, and infestations. 

Some of the questions covered and answered are as follow: (I will just list a few)

If I get bitten at night does it mean I have bed bugs?
No, there are many different things that could have caused the bite, bed bugs being just one of them.

When I was in pest control, I would go on many inspections of people who were getting bitten, and it turned out it was something other than bed bugs. However, many of these cases WERE bed bugs... If you are in doubt, search for a pest control company that has a specialized bed bug division and many of them will offer a free visual inspection of your residence, office, etc. 

Do bed bugs carry disease?
No, although bed bugs can bite and draw blood they do not spread any diseases. 

I have read articles about bed bugs possibly being able to spread MRSA and other bacterial infections, but have not seen any proof that this is true. It has been found that they are carriers of several diseases but have no way to transfer them from person to person.

How big are bed bugs?
The best way I can come up with to describe them is to look at an apple seed. This is a good indication of the size and relative shape of bed bugs. They can get up to 3/16 of an inch full grown. The baby bed bug is going to be very hard to see due to them being a light cream/clear color, and very small.

Can I get rid of them if they are in my house or hotel room?
Yes, if the infestation is light then you can treat it yourself, but if the bed bugs are well established then you must contact a professional pest management service to eradicate the problem. Do your homework and interview several companies. If you discover them in a hotel room, then report it to reception at once and demand to be moved to another room. Also ask them what their bed bug protocols are.

Still have questions?? This book can be found at Amazon and is well worth the investment.

Or feel free to contact us at any time!

Have a great day!

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