Friday, February 3, 2012

Bed bugs becoming #1 pest in the world?

I ran into a discussion on Linkedin today about a post talking about this..

I did a quick check on the county health department website and did a 12 month historical search on public 

complaints (to the county health department). I was at a bed bug symposium about a year ago and some 

representatives from this health department displayed a graph showing bed bug complaints vs. roaches. The line 

for roaches was dropping yearly and the line for bed bugs was climbing. Roaches still had the edge on amount 

of inbound complaints... Until NOW! I have attached the link to the site below. You can go in and look at all 

sorts of fun stuff..

Bed bug complaints: 162 

Roaches: 116

That is amazing.. Bed bugs are slowly (or quickly?) becoming the #1 pest in the world.


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