Monday, February 13, 2012

Dormitory Bed Bug Cases Growing

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln was in the news a couple weeks back when a student stated the school had asked her to keep quiet about a bed bug problem she had reported. They hired a bed bug exterminator to come and do a thorough bed bug inspection in there dorm rooms. Since then they have discovered bed bugs in 54 rooms according to 6News 

This is a great example of what the problem is with keeping an issue like this quiet... The more they try to hide it or let it go, the more severe the infestation gets, and very quickly. Bed bugs will not just "go away" and need to be tackled head on if found. The need for proactive bed bug inspections is more important now than ever. Nip them in the butt the second they are found before they spread. Having bed bug protocols in place will help in preventing future infestations, and minimize the effects of them if they do happen!

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